Expert Session Stop Child Labor

Expert Session Stop Child Labor


10:00 - 11:00


nvt, Online

VBDO invites you to join an online expert session on the role of the financial sector in pushing back child labour. VBDO, in cooperation with the Alliance Work: No Child’s Business (consisting of Save the Children NL, Unicef NL and the Stop Child Labour Coalition), organizes three sessions in the field of finance and child labour. These sessions will be at the start of a study VBDO will perform, on how financial institutions are dealing with this topic and what best practices there are.

During this third online session, VBDO project manager Sara Heinsbroek will present the main results of our latest report on child labor in responsible investment among Dutch institutional investors. This report was produced in collaboration with the Work: No Child’s Business Alliance and will be published on the same day as this event takes place.

In addition, a number of external experts to be named will share their views on this subject (tbd).

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