Impact Investing seminar

Impact Investing seminar


14:30 - 18:00


FMO Kantoor
Anna van Saksenlaan 71, Den Haag, Nederland, 2593 HW

On November 10th, VBDO presents her most recent study on Impact Investing in illiquid markets for Dutch pension funds, in collaboration with Achmea and WWF.

The publication will be presented during the Impact Investing seminar, organized by the Netherlands Advisory Board on Impact Investing (NAB).

With less then 8 years to go to implement the Sustainable Development Agenda, the signatories to the Dutch SDGI pledge will reflect on what has been achieved so far in the context of the Dutch investment value chain and how to tackle key barriers to the promise to be achieved by 2030. The conversation is supplemented by the presentation of the results of the Impact Investing thematic study.

The event is for SDGI signatories, NAB members, VBDO members, Government, De Nederlandsche Bank and organizations with a relevant interest.

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