Webinar ‘Unraveling biodiversity’

Webinar 'Unraveling biodiversity'


15:00 - 16:00


nvt, Online

The urgency of biodiversity loss is in parallel with the complexity of what biodiversity entails.

Please join VBDO for this webinar in which we seek to unravel biodiversity in investment decision-making. Christine Wortmann (Greening Finance Netherlands Lead, WWF), will outline the developments of biodiversity and how they are related to financial queries.

Jacqueline Duiker (Sr. Sustainability Manager, VBDO), will share the findings of the most recent study on how Dutch pension funds and insurance companies currently embed biodiversity in investment decision-making.

Building on this Peter van der Werf (Head of Engagement, Executive Director, Robeco) and Arjan Ruijs (Senior Responsible Investment Officer, Cardano), will discuss practical approaches and future developments on biodiversity management and engagement for investment portfolios.

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