Introducing the GRESB Pre-Assessment, a new ESG evaluation for the Real Estate Sector


GRESB, the global ESG benchmark for real assets, today launched the GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment: A standalone ESG evaluation for companies and funds that are capital raising, undergoing due-diligence, have a short hold strategy and those that have recently begun incorporating ESG into their operations.

More investors than ever before are directing capital toward companies and funds that are proactively measuring and managing ESG risks and opportunities. This trend is fueling demand for ESG reporting across an ever-widening set of investment strategies, across all stages of the real estate investment cycle and in new markets.

The GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment is designed to address this demand by providing a preliminary ESG assessment comprised of a subset of indicators from the GRESB Real Estate Assessment. The indicators focus on management and policy aspects and exclude property level information.

Mathieu Elshout, Senior Director, Private Real Estate Europe, PGGM “PGGM requires all non-listed property investments to participate in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment, which shows the importance of ESG performance for all our investments. The GRESB Pre-Assessment serves a valuable role in our due diligence process for future investments as well as for investments in markets that are at an early stage of the ESG movement.”

Given this focus, the Pre-Assessment is specifically suited for companies and funds that are capital raising, undergoing due diligence, have a short hold strategy and those that have recently started to incorporate ESG into their operations.

It will offer a way for these entities to respond to new forms of ESG due diligence that investors are performing across an ever-widening variety of fund strategies, property companies, and markets.

Reporting to the Pre-Assessment requires a lower commitment of time and resources and can be used as a stepping stone for participation in the full GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

The GRESB Pre-Assessment can be performed at any time between October 23, 2017 – April 1, 2018. Once submitted, the data is validated, scored and benchmarked using the globally recognized GRESB methodology.

The ESG landscape has shifted considerably, and we’re constantly working to help real estate fund managers and property companies adjust to the new market realities and to meet the expectations from investors.

The GRESB Pre-Assessment is simply the next crucial step on the road to helping all real estate companies and funds, to obtain an ESG evaluation against a global standard in every stage of the investment cycle.

Patrick Kanters, Managing Director Global Real Estate & Infrastructure, APG Asset Management “The GRESB Assessments gives us the required ESG performance insight of our investments, and with this newly launched GRESB Pre-assessment we get the opportunity to receive the necessary information ahead of the decision-making related to new private real estate investments.”

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