RepRisk’s ESG Risk Platform Has Reached over 100,000 Companies – the World’s Largest Database of Its Kind

RepRisk, the leading provider of research and business intelligence on ESG and business conduct risks, is proud to announce that its flagship product, the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, now includes over 100,000 listed and non-listed companies across every sector and country in the world.

The Platform captures companies exposed to ESG risks such as human rights violations, breaches of labor standards, environmental damage, corruption, and violations of international standards.

Launched as a due diligence tool in 2006, the RepRisk Platform has grown to be the largest database of its kind globally and supports clients in quickly and easily identifying ESG risks in their business.

Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Head of Sales and Marketing, shares: “The idea behind the RepRisk Platform occurred when we were still a consulting firm. A client asked us to prepare a list of around 100 companies exposed to severe ESG risks that could then pose reputational, compliance, or financial risks to our client.

For that assignment, we devised the systematic methodology, which we use to this day, to identify and assess companies. The Platform was launched thereafter, and what started with that original list of 100 has now grown to 100,000 companies exposed to ESG risks – a milestone we are incredibly proud of.”

“It doesn’t stop with the 100,000 companies, though,” adds Nicole Streuli-Fürst, Head of Operations and Research. “The RepRisk Platform grows daily, as our artificial intelligence tool and team of analysts capture and analyze new information based on our issues and event-driven research process. Every day, we screen sources and stakeholders in 16 languages and add up to 50 new companies exposed to ESG risks for the first time.”

About RepRisk

RepRisk is a leading research and business intelligence provider, specializing in ESG and business conduct risks.

As a premium due diligence solution, RepRisk helps clients prevent and mitigate ESG and business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments.

Since 2006, RepRisk has been leveraging artificial intelligence and human analysis to translate big data into actionable analytics and metrics. With daily updates, universal coverage, and curated adverse data on companies, projects, sectors, and countries, RepRisk offers a suite of a powerful risk management and compliance services.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients worldwide, enabling them to reduce blind spots and shed light on risks that can have reputational, compliance, and financial impacts on a company.

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