Impact Institute presents a guide for investors and philanthropists to measure their impact

Impact Institute is proud to publish the Guide for Funders to Assess and Value Impact.  This guide provides impact investors and philanthropists with a sound impact assessment and valuation methodology that they can use to forecast the impact of investment opportunities enabling informed decision-making and reporting.

Investors and philanthropists hold the power to create large positive impact on society.  However, demonstrating, describing, and comparing impacts remains complex.

This  guide includes step-by-step guidance on how to assess and value the impact of a potential funding opportunity. The Guide builds on a detailed review of existing knowledge and frameworks and provides guidance on various topics. Some of these include selecting relevant impacts, forecasting and monetizing impact returns to arrive at useful metrics such as Net Present Value for impact.

With this open-source methodology, we hope to help funders assess funding opportunities with rigor and consistency. This is an important step, so that impact-driven funders may wield their financial power strategically and effectively to create positive social and environmental impact.

Download and read the Guide here.

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