The Redevco ESG policy is launched

In today’s ever increasingly transparent investment world, businesses are called to lead the way on major – even global – topics that potentially have huge economic, societal and environmental consequences. Redevco wants to be a responsible investment manager and has an intrinsic motivation to be a “force for better”: to do what we can in the portfolios we manage, but also to actively contribute to changing the real estate investment and management sector to become low carbon, circular and resource-efficient in the context of internationally accepted goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the targets set out in the Paris Agreement of 2015. To that end, Redevco has launched ‘Mission 2040’: a target to have a Net Zero Carbon portfolio by 2040

To frame our approach to sustainability in internationally recognised terminology and to enable transparency to all our stakeholders, we have adopted this ESG Policy as our overarching framework coupled with several specific underlying policies. Furthermore, this ESG Policy is embedded in Redevco’s overall governance, risk and compliance framework. All policies are interconnected and shape how we want to work as an investment manager and how we wish to interact with our stakeholders: our investor clients, our tenants, our service providers and suppliers, as well as our employees and our shareholders. 

Read the full ESG policy here 

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