Unovis becomes first investment firm to join the Green Protein Alliance, boosting sustainable food ambitions in The Netherlands

Unovis Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has formally joined the Green Protein Alliance (GPA), strengthening the alliance and its members in their effort to restore a healthy and sustainable balance in protein consumption in the Netherlands. As the first investment firm to join the GPA, this marks a new phase in the protein transition in which societal, sustainability and economic impact go hand in hand.

“By joining forces with the GPA, Unovis now has the opportunity to participate in the broader ecosystem around the transition to alternative proteins in the Netherlands,” said Kim Odhner, Unovis Asset Management’s Managing Partner, Europe & Asia. “As a leader in alternative protein investment and development in Europe and beyond, we are excited to bring our experience and network to help meet growing consumer demand for plant-based and other protein alternatives across the continent.”

Since 2017, the GPA has worked to shift the ratio of plant-based to animal protein consumption in the Dutch diet to a 50:50 balance by 2025, a transition that represents one of the most urgent and difficult challenges facing the global food system. The GPA focuses on consumer-directed interventions, enabling retailers, meal delivery services and caterers to guide Dutch consumers toward a more plant-based diet.

“Unovis and the GPA share a joint goal, to make plant protein the easy choice for all Dutch consumers, and we are excited to have them as members,” said Jeroen Willemsen, Green Protein Alliance founder. “Now, more than ever, with some 35% of the Dutch population looking for more sustainable food options, we have the opportunity and responsibility to accelerate the growth of the Dutch plant protein sector. We look forward to working with Unovis to help make this goal a reality.”

About Unovis

Unovis Asset Management is a global boutique investment firm and leader in the rapidly developing alternative protein space. The Unovis team has the longest and most comprehensive investment track record in the alternative proteins sector and an impressive ROI through our renowned first fund, New Crop Capital. Our team views conventional animal agriculture as an antiquated and inefficient food production system with serious ESG vulnerabilities that make it ripe for large-scale disruption and innovation. That is why inspiring entrepreneurs and fueling innovative ideas is at the heart of what we do.

About The Green Protein Alliance

The Green Protein Alliance (GPA) is a social movement that is committed to restoring the protein balance in the Dutch food pattern: from 60 – 40 (animal – vegetable protein) to 50 – 50 in 2025. The GPA does this with members who offer perspective to consumers, for example retailers and B-2-C brands, and with partners who contribute to the credibility and monitoring of the (impact of) activities of the alliance. Learn More


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