Dutch Climate Action Fund aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands

NN Group

NN Group announces that it will launch the Dutch Climate Action Fund. The fund is a partnership with DIF Capital Partners. NN is a cornerstone investor with an initial commitment of EUR 125 million, and DIF Capital Partners will manage the fund.  

The Dutch Climate Action Fund will invest in projects and companies active in climate change solutions that envisage to support the Dutch energy transition. The fund is rising to this challenge by targeting investments that aim to support the reduction of carbon emissions in the Netherlands. These investments are targeted to be pioneers in their markets as well as investments in more traditional clean energy sectors. The fund may invest in energy efficiency, e-mobility, energy storage and hydrogen, as well as in renewable energy generation such as onshore wind and solar farms. Renewable energy generation is expected to be a catalyst for electrification of industries, buildings and transportation, driving a significant part of emission reduction and therefore investment needs. The Dutch Climate Action Fund focuses on equity investments of up to EUR 25 million per investment.

Specifically, the fund’s investments target to support and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 7 (affordable and clean energy), number 11 (sustainable cities and communities) as well as number 13 (climate action). Actual contribution to these SDGs, as well as reporting against the progress of achieving selected KPIs in relation to these SDGs, are targeted to be assessed for each investment opportunity. The investments in the fund are part of NN Group’s target to invest an additional amount of EUR 6 billion in climate solutions by 2030.

Jelle van der Giessen, Chief Investment Officer of NN Group: ‘Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of today; weather extremes due to climate change in the form of heat waves, drought and storms are only increasing. In addition to decarbonising our investment portfolio, NN Group has a clear commitment to double our investments in climate solutions by 2030. Companies and households may be able to reduce their carbon footprint, but still need energy. As long as this energy is derived from fossil fuels, we as a society will face difficulties achieving net-zero. Our investments in the Dutch Climate Action Fund will support and accelerate the Dutch energy transition, essential to ultimately reach net-zero.’

Allard Ruijs, Partner of DIF Capital Partners: ‘We are honored to partner with NN Group on this Dutch initiative to further drive the energy transition and the reduction of carbon emissions in our home market through a focused investment strategy and leveraging on DIF’s long standing track record in the global energy infrastructure markets.’

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