Impact Report: Biodiversity Funds at a Glance


Phenix Capital Group has today released its Impact Report: Biodiversity Funds at a Glance. The report finds that since 2015, €233 billion has been committed towards biodiversity related themes tracked by Phenix Capital’s Impact Funds Database. Biodiversity related funds which are currently open for investments are targeting a total of €129 billion. Additionally, the number of biodiversity related impact funds in the Phenix Impact Database has grown by 234%.

If you look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), biodiversity is included as a subset of Life on Land (SDG15) but its survival, not explicitly included within Life Below Water (SDG14) even though it is a significant component of it, is conditional on achieving Climate Action (SDG13). For this reason, this month we have a dedicated thematic deep dive into the circular economy.

Next to the insights and analytics provided by Phenix Capital’s Impact Fund Database, the report also features an interview our CEO Dirk Meuleman, exploring biodiversity, and why it needs to be the core focus with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the next decade.

“Now it is up to investors and asset managers to push for more investment opportunities to seek to make a positive impact. While there are currently opportunities in the listed sector, I strongly believe that it’s possible to invest to protect biodiversity while earning a financial return in private markets, particularly private equity is the way to do this.” Said Dirk Meuleman, CEO, Phenix Capital Group.

“Quite simply, biodiversity is in crisis. There has been a nearly 70% decline in wildlife populations in just 50 years. That is just one fraction of the biodiversity destruction that is happening on the planet right now, and the pace is accelerating at an alarming rate.”

When it comes to the number of funds targeting Life on Land (SDG15) and Life Below Water (SDG14) relating to biodiversity, real assets and private equity dominate in terms of number of funds in the database with 131 and 120.

In terms of geography, biodiversity funds focused on Oceana (53%), Central and South America (47%), North America (46%) and Africa 42%, have a preference for investing real assets.

There are currently 1080 biodiversity related funds from 566 different fund managers tracked on Impact Database. Out of these, 567 funds from 406 organisations are currently open for investments.

Click here to download the report.

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