RobecoSAM launches Smart Mobility Strategy

RobecoSAM, the investment specialist that has focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing (SI) for over 23 years, announced the launch of the RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy (the “strategy”). The strategy’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in listed companies that address the opportunities related to the electrification of the transportation sector. The strategy is managed by Thiemo Lang, PhD, who is also responsible for the RobecoSAM Smart Energy Strategy as well as the Daiwa SBI Global EV Revolution strategy, an electric vehicle subadvisory mandate launched in Japan in January 2018. The RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy is tailored to retail and institutional investors.

Capturing electrifying investment opportunities along the entire EV value chain

Worldwide stricter anti-pollution regulations as well as technological advances are paving the way for zero-emission vehicles. Electrification, autonomous driving, and shared mobility are revolutionizing both the car and the concepts of urban transport. In fact, by 2030 every third new vehicle sold will be electric (pure electric and plug-in) and the total EV market is expected to reach USD 1.4 trillion. This would equal an annual +30% growth in sales (see chart 1). These significant developments bring with them attractive investment opportunities along the entire EV value chain.

Chart 1: Light vehicle sales forecast (in millions of units)

The RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy aims to identify and invest in high-quality companies with solid business models and strong earnings growth. Specifically, the strategy invests in companies in the following investment clusters:

  • EV component suppliers – EV car manufacturers & subsystem suppliers
  • Electrical grid & charging infrastructure – Connectivity & autonomous driving

Portfolio construction is pre-dominantly based on bottom-up stock selection and takes into account sub-cluster attractiveness. Financially material ESG aspects are integrated in the company valuation analysis.

Thiemo Lang, PhD, Senior Portfolio Manager, RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy, RobecoSAM: “The RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy draws on RobecoSAM’s long-standing expertise in thematic investing to identify high-quality, innovative companies that are leading the way towards smart mobility. The demand and sophistication of vehicle electrification is rapidly intensifying with the acceptance and expansion of autonomous driving and the continued drive toward a low-carbon economy. This creates attractive investment opportunities which the RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy aims to fully capitalize on.”

Marius Dorfmeister, Co-CEO, RobecoSAM: “RobecoSAM has a proven track record in launching successful theme strategies. Smart money from around the world is already flocking into the RobecoSAM Smart Mobility strategy. The confidence being demonstrated by these early investors is clear acknowledgement of our ability to identify cutting edge sustainability trends and convert them into appealing investments for our clients. Like us, they are convinced, that the future of transport is electric.”

The RobecoSAM Smart Mobility Strategy is tailored to retail and institutional investors. It is currently available in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore (limited registration), Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

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