Land Life Company Raises €3.5 million in Series A Funding, welcoming The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust as a new investor

Land Life Company, a leading nature reforestation venture based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, announces a Series A investment of €3.5 million. In this round, Land Life welcomes The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust on board as a new investor. This investment is part of the Trust’s Neglected Climate Opportunities Initiative.

The financing will enable further development of proprietary technology across the nature reforestation value chain. Patented planting technologies, autonomous planting, remote monitoring and blockchain verification will be applied to Land Life Company’s planting practices, leveraging internal and external data to ensure efficiency at scale.

In Autumn 2018, 300,000 trees will go in the ground across 300 ha of degraded land spread over the United States, Spain and Mexico with a focus on optimizing efficiency and restoring ecosystems.

Jurriaan Ruys, Land Life Company founder and CEO, steers an analytical and data driven approach to nature reforestation to optimize success rates and minimize costs.

Land Life Company’s CEO, Jurriaan Ruys, said:

“This new round of investment will enable us to better serve governments, NGOs and companies to reforest degraded land and take CO2 out of the air, for generations to come. Land Life will step up its investments in technology, data and modeling, while increasing the scale of its reforestation projects.”

Trustee of The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust, Jeremy Grantham said:

“Climate change is the race of our lives and, beyond rapid and complete decarbonization, we need to remove vast amounts of CO2 from the air. Land Life Company holds great promise to remove CO2 at low cost and at large scale by rehabilitating degraded, semi-arid lands.”

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