Multi-Million Euro Investment for Novel Dutch Satellite Technology Vandersat making agriculture worldwide more sustainable


The Dutch company VanderSat has raised an investment of several million euros to further develop their patented satellite technology. The company, which operates internationally, can accurately measure the location and amount of water in the soil, anywhere in the world.

Due to climate change and the rapidly growing world population, this information is crucial in fighting the global food and water crisis. With this investment, VanderSat will further develop their technology which can be used to increase the amount of sustainably farmed land. Currently VanderSat’s data is used for more than 100 million hectares of agricultural land worldwide.

Technological innovation with a social purpose

Globally, 80% of all crop damage is related to water. With more precise water data, crop yields on agricultural land can be improved. Accurate and reliable data is essential for this. The data is used not only by large agricultural companies, but also by insurers to calculate the risks and possible damages to crops. The technology also gives uninsured farmers, for example farmers in remote areas, access to crop data and therefore greater financial security. World players such as BASF, Climate Corp, AXA, and Swiss Re can make crucial business decisions on the basis of VanderSat’s data.

In addition to technological expertise, VanderSat has 20 years of scientific research experience. This experience enables them to map any section of the earth with a resolution of up to 100 by 100 meters. To achieve this, so-called passive microwaves are used, a technology that measures the natural radiation of the earth and is not hindered by cloud cover or darkness.

VanderSat’s combination of scalable unique technology, and the potential to make a global impact, has earned them an investment from Social Impact Ventures. VanderSat’s ambition, which is shared by Social Impact Ventures, is to make an impact on 1 billion of the 7 billion hectares of agricultural land worldwide. In addition to the agricultural and insurance sectors, VanderSat also works closely with organizations in the field of water and science.

Thijs van Leeuwen, CEO VanderSat: “With this investment we are able to make a more substantial impact. We strongly believe that satellite technology will play an important role worldwide in fighting the food and water crisis. With the trust and constant feedback of our clients, we can build the best products together. The investment of Social Impact Ventures gives us even more strength and confidence to continue our work.”

Helmer Schukken, Partner Social Impact Ventures: VanderSat’s technology and team provide an essential solution to increase financial stability of millions of smallholder farmers worldwide and to increase the world’s food security. The current crisis makes us, as impact investors, even more determined to continue supporting and investing in companies that provide commercial and scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. VanderSat is a textbook example of such company.

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