Sophie Robé and Maarten Toussaint from the Netherlands Launch Consulting Firm FIIND Impact

Sophie Robé, CFA and Impact Investing Adviser and Investment Consultant from Amsterdam, Netherlands, has confirmed the official launch of FIIND Impact, which is described as an independent investment consultant and advisor that aims to strategically combine impact and financial expertise.

FIIND Impact aims to help investors with making responsible investments and to “commit to a net positive impact on people and the planet in line with their unique set of values.”

Robé and Maarten Toussaint, the COO at FIIND Impact and the FIINDImpact Foundation noted: “FIIND Impact is a continuation of the Advisory part of Phenix Capital, the company and frontrunner in impact investing for institutional investment [that Robé] founded in 2012. And while finishing the last bits and pieces on our visual identity, the legal set up, business cards, and the website we went ahead full force which has resulted in a beautiful first project for our Foundation.”

They added: “We had expected to be in New York… We have applied for a grant and Climate and researching investable solutions to help solve the Climate issues…Climate week felt like an appropriate kick-off moment for FIIND Impact…[Currently,] we are in Amsterdam, now officially a red zone, meaning that the [number] of COVID-19 related cases is higher than 10,000. … The climate week is now mostly a Virtual Climate week.”

The FIIND team claims they are working cooperatively and effectively with clients across Europe. They’ve been interviewing relevant stakeholders and asset managers throughout the world, “delivering excellent work without even having met in person.”

The FINND team added that they’ve come up with “smart” solutions like “virtual due diligence.” They’ve also reportedly worked with “trusted” local Impact Change Advisors (or senior advisors),

“Our mission … [is to] move the money to where it is really needed. We envision a world in which institutional and private capital is a force for good. A solution to the world’s most pressing issues, a world where money flows where it is truly needed. That is the reason why we are in business. Not only with a commercial entity, also with our non-profit Foundation. The Foundation supports non-profit and governmental organizations in mobilizing capital from institutional investors. We want to be a catalyst and inspire them to invest responsibly and to commit to a net positive impact on people and the planet in line with their unique set of values.”

The FIIND team revealed that they’ve finalized a project for a governmental organization that involves mobilizing private equity into impact in Emerging Markets and they had also worked on a Resource Mobilization initiative that aims to solve issues related to the human brain and how it affects our mental health.


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