New Impact Report on public equity funds


Phenix Capital published a new Impact Report, which provides data on Public Equity Funds at a Glance  from the Phenix Impact Funds and impact investor Database.

Traditionally associated with private markets, impact investing in the public equity arena is now becoming as accepted as ESG and many are starting to see it as the listed market successor in terms of sustainable investing. Historically, the challenge in public/listed equity markets has been to attribute measurable positive impact to non-ringfenced capital.

Yet according to Vontobel’s 2023 Impact Investing Survey of 200 institutional and professional investors, it looks like this is not longer an issue as 71% of those surveyed are looking to increase their allocations to impact investing in public markets and 67% currently or planning to allocate to listed equities making it the most popular impact class.

Report Highlights:

  • 9.7% of the Phenix impact universe is invested in listed equities
  • 122 listed equity funds focus on SDG7: Affordable & Clean Energy
  • 61% of the listed equity impact funds have a global focus
  • 49 investors are focusing on SDG13: Climate action for listed equities

Download the report (pdf)

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