European Commission publishes EU Taxonomy Compass

The European Commission has published the EU Taxonomy Compass, which provides a visual representation of the content of the EU Taxonomy starting with the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act.

The EU Taxonomy Compass provides a visual representation of the contents of the EU Taxonomy, starting with the Delegated Act on the climate objectives, as adopted on 4 June 2021. Looking forward, it will be updated to include future delegated acts specifying technical screening criteria for additional economic activities substantially contributing to the climate objectives and the other environmental objectives of the Taxonomy Regulation. It will also reflect reviews of the delegated acts in the future.

Note that the first EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act is currently under review by the European Parliament and the Council. As such, it has not yet entered into force and has not been published in the Official Journal of the EU yet. For more information about EU Taxonomy and the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act, please refer to the main page on the EU Taxonomy.

The EU Taxonomy Compass aims to make the contents of the EU Taxonomy easier to access for a variety of users. It enables users to check which activities are included in the EU Taxonomy (taxonomy-eligible activities), to which objectives they substantially contribute and what criteria they have to meet. It is important to note that minimum safeguards (social standards) have to be met for an economic activity to be considered taxonomy-aligned. The EU Taxonomy Compass also aims to make it easier to integrate the criteria into business databases and other IT systems (see download options below).

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