Dutch start-up Fooditive Group has a new funding goal of €6.5M


Committed to redefining the future of healthy eating, plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive BV. announces the launch of a new FundedByMe campaign starting on 20th October 2021, allowing investors and people to join their movement. Fooditive Group is a start-up from the Netherlands with one dream; to make healthy food affordable for everyone. With a new funding of €6.5M, the company will be able to grow and deliver their sweeteners and products to an ever-growing audience of consumers and businesses.  The Dutch company has a goal of funding up to EUR 6.5M to revolutionize the plant-based food industry through its innovative ingredients. The FundedByMe campaign will kickstart the launch of GoPeasy, Fooditive’s new plant-based milk made from peas and the first product in its range that will be directly available for sale to consumers.  

In the years past, Fooditive Group had been on a strong upward curve, with a steadily increasing number of employees and a constant stream of new products.

Through its famous sweetener, Fooditive stays loyal to the promise of solving the sugar issue in the market. As the company and its investors look to take the crown as the reigning replacement for sugar, they join a long line of would-be occupants to sugar’s throne. The new funding round will allow Fooditive Group to keep growing while supplying affordable food for everyone in need.

Investors of Fooditive have a broad knowledge and experience both in the food industry and the business world. Fooditive has launched its first campaign in 2019 with enormous success. The team showed the world and investors the impact that can be achieved within a short time by expanding their product range to 7 products and venturing into a new market with GoPeasy.

The dream of Fooditive keeps growing and the impact of its work closely depends on its partners’ trust and expertise. Among them, is Rabobank and VCs that help the company achieve its goals.

“Making an impact starts with one person. At Fooditive, I mix my passion for science and my love for food to make the world a better place. With proof from our last campaign, we have learned from our investors and partners that Fooditive is not just a company, it’s a family that stands for healthy food, sustainability, and innovation… we are a movement” said the founder and CEO of Fooditive, Moayad Abushokhedim.  

Since 2018, Fooditive keeps delivering the food industry with new products that are focused on taste, affordability, and sustainability by using side streams of food production. Through the launch of this campaign, the team is very much looking forward to seeing what the great future can bring.

To contribute to the FundedByMe campaign, please visit www.fundedbyme.com/fooditive

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