Greening finance & Financing Green

How to connect the worlds of finance and biodiversity for the good of nature and people? This was the theme around which the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs organized two sessions in Cancun, named Greening finance & Financing Green. After the sessions, the gap is not closed but as one of the participants said, “there is more possible than assumed.” About at least one thing all speakers agreed: There is a large amount of money available for green investment – and an even larger need for good proposals to receive it. The two worlds do not really speak the same language, yet.

From 4 to 18 December, Cancun, Mexico was host of the 13th Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity (COP13 CBD). About 10,000 people from 130 countries joined to discuss nature, biodiversity, ecosystems and the services they provide, their rapid decline or degradation around the world, the urgency of action, and the possibilities and hurdles for success. The Netherlands was particularly keen on events exploring the question of how we (as in the world) can find ways to pay for biodiversity to prevent its further decline and even finance its restoration.

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