Finance for Biodiversity Pledge signatories launch comprehensive guide on various approaches to measuring biodiversity

The signatories of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, together with the Finance@Biodiversity Community of the European Commission, have created a Guide on biodiversity measurement for financial institutions. The Guide provides a starting point for financial institutions that are interested in measuring biodiversity. The ‘Finance for Biodiversity – Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches’ will be presented in a webinar on April 1st, 2-3pm CET.  

Guide provides an overview of six biodiversity tools

The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the six tools for measuring biodiversity currently in use by financial institutions: CBF, BFFI, STAR, GBSFI, BIA and ENCORE. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as how mature each approach is. It also details the data and resource requirements needed and gives insights on which tools might be the most suitable for specific organizational ambitions, business applications and asset categories.

Measuring biodiversity impact is an important step for financial institutions

As biodiversity loss becomes an ever more urgent challenge, financial institutions are looking for ways to quantify the impact of their finance and investment activities on biodiversity. This Guide serves as an annex to the Assessing Impact section of the Pledge’s main Guidance Document. The format of the new measurement Guide was decided by Pledge signatories in collaboration with members of the F@B Community under the EU Business@Biodiversity Platform.

Guide builds on measurement report series from EU Business@Biodiversity Platform

The Guide builds on the series of reports entitled Assessment of biodiversity measurement approaches, developed by the Methods Workstream of the EU Business@Biodiversity Platform. This finance Guide is a comprehensive summary of the information that is most relevant to financial institutions in the latest Update Report 3 in the series.

Download the Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches

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