NN Investment Partners rebrands to Goldman Sachs Asset Management


NN Investment Partners (NN IP) is rebranding to Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Following the completion of the acquisition last year, the integration has been progressing well with the leadership of NN IP joining Goldman Sachs in leadership positions and all investment teams having been integrated. The combined business is well positioned to serve clients globally and offer an expanded range of solutions.

Rebranding the NN IP organization and operations is an important step in becoming a unified business. This involves changing the brand and re-naming products and legal entities to reflect the Goldman Sachs Asset Management brand and naming conventions.

The first steps to reflect visual identity and name changes were taken on the 1st of February and are now visible across digital channels. Additionally, all investment funds and legal entities that have ‘NN’ or ‘NN IP’ in their title will be renamed to reflect the Goldman Sachs naming convention, including all fund documentation of NN IP funds. These documents will be accessible through the rebranded website. The majority of these changes have come into effect on the 6th of March and will have no impact on the firm’s product offering or investment processes.

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