Partnernieuws Sustainable Capital Group (SCG)

Did you know, that there is an almost unlimited amount of funds available for projects and companies to accelerate their transition towards a true sustainable business? Sustainable Capital Group can get you access to these funds in a timely, cost effective way.

The Sustainable Capital Group makes sustainable capital accessible for those organizations with a commitment to grow their business in a sustainable matter by connecting them to our growing network of green financiers and impact investors.

For entrepreneurs, we examine whether your organization is compliant with relevant regulations and standards. We structure your sustainable plan or project and identify your financing need with accuracy. We raise the complete sum of the funding that is required to realize your goals.

For green financiers and impact investors, we provide ESG compliant investment opportunities globally. Our portfolio mainly contains projects and plans from the industries Mobility, Renewable Energy and Real Estate and are characterized by a high degree of financial benefit.

We support sustainability and consider integrated value as our lead principle. We collaborate, deliver quality and are committed to our entrepreneurs, financiers, investors and above all, our purpose. By facilitating the increase of ESG related development, we positively impact society and the environment. We accelerate the sustainable finance transition by making sustainable funds available across the globe.

Do you want access to sustainable funds and create impact while growing your business? Or are you looking for ESG compliant investment opportunities in the areas Mobility, Renewable Energy or Real Estate? Feel free to contact us and book an introduction meeting via our website.