61 new companies join the FTSE4Good Index, Heineken is one of them


FTSE Group, the global index provider, today confirms the results of the March review of the FTSE4Good global index series. An additional 61 companies worldwide have met the index criteria that assess companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices based on principles of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). The largest number of new companies is from Japan (21). Globally, 27 companies will be removed from the index, as they no longer meet the criteria. Changes to the index will take place after the close of the markets on Friday 18th March 2005.

The table below shows the breakdown of the number of companies that are joining and leaving the FTSE4Good index by country:
Australia – Additions, 6 Deletions, 2
Canada – Additions, 1 Deletions, 3
France – Additions, 6
Germany – Additions, 5
Italy – Additions, 1 Deletions, 2
Japan – Additions, 21 Deletions, 2
Netherlands – Additions, 1 (Heineken)
Spain – Additions, 1
UK – Additions, 7 Deletions, 7
USA – Additions, 12 Deletions, 11
Total Additions, 61 Deletions, 27

The FTSE4Good criteria, which cover areas of environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting universal human rights, have evolved since the index was launched in July 2001. The environmental criteria have been tightened significantly – 23 companies will be removed from the index next week because they no longer meet these criteria.

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