How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG

The focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations as a means to creating sustainable value is on the rise, and traditional barriers are becoming less pronounced.

Yet one question remains elusive: How can we leverage capital markets to improve not just risk-adjusted returns, but our society as a whole? Or, in other words, how can ESG investing help create sustainable value?

To answer this, we conducted a global survey of 582 institutional investors (2017 Center for Applied Research ESG Study) , who were or were planning to implement ESG investing into their process, and 750 individual investors, including ESG and non-ESG investors. We also conducted more than 25 interviews with executives in our industry.

Using these survey results and extensive secondary research, we’re taking a pragmatic approach to the integration of ESG investing that seeks to deliver on the principle of sustainable value creation through risk-adjusted returns.

Download the full article (pdf) by Robert G. Eccles and Mirtha Kastrapeli

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