Triodos Vastgoedfonds brings asset management in-house

As of 1 July 2018, Triodos Vastgoedfonds will be bringing the asset management of the fund in-house. So far, the fund has always outsourced the asset and property management, but will now be changing this approach for its asset management activities.

Triodos Vastgoedfonds is taking this step in light of the fund’s sustainability strategy. Guus Berkhout, Fund Manager Triodos Vastgoedfonds: “Until now we have always had satisfying relationships with external asset managers. Nonetheless, we are now making the choice to bring the asset management activities in-house in order to be more visible for our tenants and to jointly make an effort to further shape our sustainability targets.”

After a period of 2.5 years, the cooperation with the current asset manager Cairn Real Estate will be ended on 30 June 2018, when the contract between both parties comes to an end. “We are very pleased how our partnership with Cairn has developed over the past years and how they have supported us in improving the fund’s portfolio. Bringing the asset management in-house is logical next step in the further development of the fund”, says Berkhout.

Besides the Fund Manager, the team of Triodos Vastgoedfonds consist among others of a very experienced asset manager with over 25 years of experience in the asset management and real estate industry.

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