Conference "TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE INVESTING IN EUROPE" – Promoting socially responsible investing.

18-20 May 2000, Lisbon, Portugal

The conference is initiated by the Directorate General Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission, and support is provided by Brooklyn Bridge. The conference is intended for all professionals from the investment community on invitation (limit to 250 persons).

The following subjects will be covered:
Global Reporting Initiative
* AA 1000
* EBNSC project
* Social Responsibility Index
* The impact of SRI: how companies react and anticipate
* Reluctance of financial community to SRI, in spite of the interest of the market: is it really a barrier? If so, how do we overcome it?
* Tax Incentives, labels.
* Third Generation of Social Investing
* European approach to (social) screening
* Labeling of SRI Funds
* Towards improved norms and concepts for integrated reports
* Emerging markets with multiple societal impact
* Integrating business value into business strategy and planning
* Communicating with investors and other stakeholders
* Why is CSR important to companies
* The role of pension funds in SRI institutionalization
* Society ­ organizational values need to meet society’s expectations
* Shareholders ­ organizational values need to meet the needs of the new breed of shareholders
* Potential employees ­ to attract the best people the organizational values need to meet the needs of potential new employees
* Existing employees ­ to retain the best people organizational values need to meet the needs of existing employees.
* What will the new governance definitions for the 21sst century be?
* What can we expect of corporation?
* How will emerging markets in Europe affect the direction of governance?
* Is executive compensation an issue?
* Creating social investment funds
* Dow Jones Sustainability Index
* How well do socially responsible investments perform in the long and short term
* Future of SRI in Europe.
* What criteria do funds in use in developing portfolio?

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