Launch of Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Indexes

Dow Jones Indexes, STOXX Limited and SAM Group today announce the launch

of a new set of sustainability indexes for European portfolios. The Dow Jones
STOXX Sustainability Indexes will track the leading European companies in terms
of economic, environmental and social criteria. They will be presented and
introduced on September 17. Based on the sustainability assessment of SAM
Research the Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Indexes will be part of the family of Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes which were launched as the first global sustainability benchmarks in 1999.
Commenting on the new indexes, Scott Stark, Managing Director of STOXX
Limited said: “Being proactive and innovative with regard to future sustainability challenges is increasingly regarded as a crucial success factor and, thus, as a significant lever to increase long-term shareholder value. A rising number of asset managers therefore seeks to invest in sustainability leaders. STOXX Limited is committed to provide them with professional benchmarks for European portfolios.”
Commenting on the new cooperation, SAM Indexes Managing Director Alexander Barkawi adds: “Having launched the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) in 1999, we have vast experience in benchmarking sustainability
investments. Today, over 30 well-known financial institutions use our existing
indexes for various products such as mutual funds, certificates, equity baskets and segregated accounts. We are excited to expand this platform together with the leading European index provider STOXX Limited and to open a new chapter in sustainability investing.”
Detailed information about the Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Indexes will be presented at roadshow events in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam and Milan starting September 17.

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