ABN AMRO Socially Responsible Equity Fund now also sold in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland

Regulatory authorities in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium have recently authorised the sale of the Socially Responsible Equity Fund in their country. As a result the fund can now be offered in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Jersey, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Registration in other jurisdictions is requested.

The Socially Responsible Equity Fund invests in listed shares of companies that adhere to a set of social and environmental guidelines, mainly in America, Europe and the Far East. ‘Sustainable’ companies achieve their business goals by integrating environmental and social growth standards into their business strategies. The environmental and social screening is executed with the support of external specialised consultants. The Fund aims to provide long term capital appreciation through investments in listed equities world-wide. The Fund’s investments are allocated over different geographical regions and countries.

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