New SRI information platform of Credit Suisse Private Banking

On March 25, 2003, Credit Suisse Private Banking launched an Internet information platform on the topic of "sustainable investments". This will give investors direct access to the latest news relating to this attractive growth market. At investors who would like to take ethical and environmental factors into account – as well as the purely economic – can obtain comprehensive information about developments and investment opportunities in the sphere of sustainability.

Increasing numbers of investors are applying their personal values when making investment decisions. With its new Internet service, Credit Suisse Private Banking now offers interested parties comprehensive information on precisely this subject. The site contains details of Credit Suisse Group products and services in the sphere of sustainable investments, as well as editorial articles, background information and the latest studies in the field. A link to the Fund Lab database makes it straightforward to source sustainable products such as the CS (EF) Global Sustainability fund. Private Banking clients also benefit from further services: they can have their portfolios assessed for sustainability, and can make use of the Stock Screener internet tool to find sustainable businesses and analysts’ reports.

The impressive growth of sustainable investments
Over the last ten years, sustainable investment volumes have multiplied many times over. This trend is set to continue in the future. Current studies show that the performance of sustainable investments has at least matched that of traditional investments. While there are many reasons for this surge in growth, social changes clearly head the list.

Another reason why the criterion of sustainability is of interest to investors is that leading sustainability businesses have repeatedly outperformed their competitors in recent years. This success stems from the fact that such businesses tend to display above-average powers of innovation, gaining a better understanding of the risks they face and making plans for the longer term.

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