OpenSRI to Launch the First Collaborative Web Platform on Socially Responsible Investments


Intertek, the leading global provider of certification, Corporate Social Responsibility, quality and safety services to a wide range of global and local industries, today announced that OpenSRI has launched the first collaborative web platform on Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at

OpenSRI offers a new approach to CSR rating, based on a real involvement of stakeholders who will rate the social and environmental performance of companies. The objective is to create an innovative and interactive tool that will foster dialogue on CSR issues between companies and their stakeholders.

The vibrant global conversations happening on the blogosphere have triggered a new generation of collaborative websites. The very nature of collaboration of these websites allows users to pool resources together and freely exchange information. OpenSRI will enable industry watchdogs, non profits, shareholders and stakeholders to share information on best and worst practices in the sustainability arena.

Everybody will be able to participate. The web platform will be accessible free of charge for stakeholders. It will also allow technical and non-technical users alike to freely post comments on listed companies with the assurance that the highest standards will be upheld by the community and experts participating.

Community and experts involved currently include: Care France, Alonovo, CSR Europe, CSR News, CSRwire, Business Wire, PR Newswire, Ethical Performance, Accountabily Central, Corporate Citizenship International Inc, European Agenda, Centre for Sustainability & Excellence, Rugmark Foundation, Ethisphere, Clear Profit, The Oasis School of Human Relations, Communitelligence, Natural Capital Institute, Business in the Community Ireland, Lohas Forum, Responsible Investor, among others.

About OpenSRI

The OpenSRI team is a network offering a wide range of advisory, assurance and professional services which collectively guide clients through the complexities of CSR/SRI concerns. The OpenSRI Web platform is supported by a dedicated specification and management team. OpenSRI has offices in Paris, London, Bombay and NYC.

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