Thomson Reuters Extel and UKSIF 2010 SRI & sustainability survey results

Thomson Reuters and UKSIF, the sustainable investment and finance association, announced the results of the eighth annual Thomson Reuters Extel/UKSIF Socially Responsible Investing & Sustainability Survey at an event held at the FTSE Group Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London.

The 2010 Survey represents the views of over 450 investment professionals from 16 countries, making it the most extensive assessment of socially responsible investing (SRI) in the European investment community. Voting was conducted from 20 March to 03 June 2010. It reflects a contribution from 254 buyside firms and 42 brokerage firms/research houses.

Key highlights from the 2010 Thomson Reuters Extel/UKSIF Survey include:

* Buyside firms are placing more emphasis on sustainability issues in the research & advisory services they receive from brokers.
* Nearly 90% of buyside firms are planning to increase SRI & sustainability asset allocation in the coming year.

Key rankings from the Thomson Reuters Extel/UKSIF Survey include (2009 ranking in brackets):

Leading Brokerage Firm for SRI Research:

Société Générale (1)
CA Cheuvreux (2)
UBS (4)

Leading Brokerage Individual for SRI Research:

Sarj Nahal, Société Générale (1)
Valery Lucas-Leclin, Société Générale (3)
Julie Hudson, UBS (2)

Leading Brokerage Firm for Corporate Governance Research:

Oddo Securities (1)
UBS (4)
CA Cheuvreux (3)

Leading Brokerage Individual for Corporate Governance Research:

Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Oddo Securities (3)
Léa Sombret, Oddo Securities (4)
Sarj Nahal, Société Générale (1)

Leading Brokerage Firm for Long-Term Thematic Research:

Société Générale (1)
2 UBS (2)
CA Cheuvreux (4)

Leading Brokerage Individual for Long-Term Thematic Research:

Sarj Nahal, Société Générale (1)
Julie Hudson, UBS (4)
Stéphane Voisin, CA Cheuvreux (7)

Leading Brokerage Firm for Renewable Energy Research

HSBC (4)
CA Cheuvreux (3)
UBS (1)

Leading Brokerage Individual for Renewable Energy Research

Patrick Hummel, UBS (1)
Shai Hill, Macquarie Equities (6)
Didier Laurens, Société Générale (2)

Leading Brokerage Firm for Integrated Research on Climate Change

HSBC (-)
Citi (-)
UBS (-)

Leading Brokerage Individual for Integrated Research on Climate Change

Meg Brown, Citi (-)
Nick Robins, HSBC (-)
Robert Clover, HSBC (-)

Leading Quoted Company for Sustainability Communications

Royal Dutch Shell plc (8)
Tesco plc (3)
Novo Nordisk (-)

Leading Fund Management Firm for SRI

Threadneedle Asset Management (3)
Aviva Global Investors (2)
BlackRock Investment Management (4)

Penny Shepherd MBE, Chief Executive, UKSIF, said: "The investment community is increasingly looking at sustainable investment themes as the ones that offer best potential for significant growth, while effective management of sustainability risks and opportunities is becoming central to profitability in many industry sectors. This eighth annual SRI & Sustainability Survey shows the value that both the sell side and buy side attach to sustainability analysis."

Steve Kelly, Global Head of Thomson Reuters Extel Surveys, commented: “Investors are increasingly focusing on investment that is environmentally and socially sustainable. The BP oil spill has catapulted discussion about environmental, social and governance issues and SRI investment onto the front pages but this is not some new phenomenon. The demand from fund managers for intelligent, well-argued SRI analysis has been strong for some time and is still growing. The opportunities for firms and individuals best able to provide integrated and detailed SRI analysis are therefore huge."

Copies of the complete report, with commentary, extensive market trends data and full rankings of sellside, quoted companies and asset managers, can be ordered from Thomson Reuters Extel Surveys,

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