NN Group publishes carbon footprint of its own investments

As an insurer and long-term investor, NN Group considers climate change to be a topic that warrants specific attention. Climate change and the necessary transition to a lower-carbon economy could impact the long-term value of our investments.

In order to learn more about climate-related risks, NN Group performed a carbon footprint analysis of a large portion of their own investments (‘Proprietary Assets’). This carbon footprint analysis aims to provide a picture of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the underlying investments in government bonds, corporate bonds, and equities. By publishing the results of the carbon footprint analysis of the Proprietary Assets, NN aims to contribute to the industry’s ongoing learning on this topic.

 Jelle van der Giessen, NN Group Chief Investment Officer:

 ‘Contributing to a lower-carbon economy starts with being transparent about our own carbon footprint. This analysis provides us with a starting point for discussion about the investment risks associated with carbon emissions, and a basis for monitoring over time. This analysis is also useful for our dialogue and engagement efforts with the most carbon-intense sectors in our portfolio.’

The report contains more information on the methodology, results, and insights of the carbon footprint analysis, and can be downloaded here.

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