Carbon Equity Decarbonization Fund I

The Carbon Equity Decarbonization Fund allows you to invest alongside the world’s best climate funds

Getting our global emissions down to Net Zero requires innovation and scale. Many technologies to get to Net Zero exist and are cost competitive. Other technologies exist but need to come down in cost. Yet others do not exist yet. We need to:

  1. Rapidly scale cost-competitive technologies by innovating business models to reduce near-term emissions.
  2. Accelerate next-generation technologies and invest in enabling infrastructure to reduce emissions after 2030.
  3. Invest in R&D and negative emissions to close the gaps to net-zero by 2050.
The Carbon Equity Decarbonization fund does this by focusing on three key objectives:
  • Diversification
  • Impact
  • Returns
  • Access

Carbon Equity’s Decarbonization Fund I targets 5 to 7 VC and PE funds in one basket. That means that with one ticket, you invest in 5-7x more start-ups (and scale-ups), creating 5-7x as much diversification and 5-15x lower risk versus investing in a single fund.

Research by Cambridge Associates shows that the chance of one private equity fund returning less than the invested capital is about 24%. With a portfolio of three funds this risk is already reduced to 9%. With seven funds this risk goes down to 1.5%.