SAM receives Shell Pensioenfonds mandate to manage 100 million euro



The Dutch pension fund of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies, Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds, has awarded SAM Sustainable Asset Management a mandate to manage 100 million euro of European equities.

The pension fund assets are to be invested in line with the Shell Statement of General Business Principles. To satisfy this objective, SAM Sustainable Asset Management has
been awarded a mandate to invest 100 million euro in best-in-class stocks. In this context, “best-in-class” refers to the shares of companies that lead their sectors in terms of sustainability. There will be no negative screening.
Investments are to be made in a European portfolio benchmarked against the STOXX 600 index. The sector allocation of the STOXX 600 is maintained, no individual sectors
will be excluded.
For SAM Sustainable Asset Management the Shell mandate marks a major milestone and confirmation of its consistently pursued strategy of sustainability.

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