REDAVIA Partners With Lendahand to Crowdfund Upcoming Solar Farms

REDAVIA, a global market leader of cost-effective, reliable and clean solar power for businesses and communities, has launched a crowdfunding initiative [] to fund 10 upcoming solar Units in partnership with Lendahand [], an online impact investing platform where socially conscious investors can invest in entrepreneurs and sustainable initiatives in emerging countries.

The innovative REDAVIA pay-as-you-go system consists of a pre-configured Unit containing high-performance solar modules and high-quality electrical components. It is easy to ship, set up, scale and redeploy. REDAVIA’s flexible lease agreements provide customers with a cost-effective, reliable, and clean energy solution and the operational adaptability to market changes.

To date, REDAVIA has installed 21 solar Units and contracted 25 further solar Units at diverse businesses in Ghana. With a EUR500,000 first funding tranche from Lendahand’s crowdfunding platform, REDAVIA will pre-finance, procure, import, and install 10 more solar Units of 84 kWp each at commercial and industrial (C&I) customer sites in Ghana, impacting a total of 15,000 employees and other stakeholders. This is the first of up to 10 tranches that REDAVIA intends to raise on the Lendahand platform, totaling EUR5,000,000 over the coming years.

“Anytime there’s a chance to contribute to true innovation in the solar sector in Africa, we get excited by the opportunity to enable our crowd to be a part of it,” stated Tobias Grinwis, Head of Investments of Lendahand. ”The opportunity to support the pioneering work REDAVIA is doing to support businesses, create jobs and improve people’s lives through their solar farms is something we’re incredibly proud to be a part of.”

“Access to affordable and clean energy in the commercial and industrial sector is paramount to the sustainable development of a country,” stated Erwin Spolders, CEO and Founder of REDAVIA. “As REDAVIA continues to grow, we are excited to see support from crowdfunders who want to promote the social and environmental benefits of our work.”

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