Impact Summit Europe

Impact Summit Europe


26/03/2024 - 27/03/2024    
09:30 - 17:00


Beurs van Berlage
Damrak, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012 ZJ

Impact Summit Europe is a highly curated institutional investor conference designed to bring together thought leaders and practitioners in impact investing with the objective to catalyse private institutional capital in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Summit offers investors the practical instruments to increase their impact mandate, contributing to scale their positive impact on people and the planet. It also provides the necessary content and tools to start investing with impact.

The 10th anniversary of Impact Summit Europe will bring the global impact investing community together to pose, reflect and address the current and forthcoming challenges and opportunities in the impact investing space.

From responsible to thematic, to impact investing as we know it today, the market has grown immensely to reach its mature stage in the Netherlands and other Western European countries. This growth in the industry has led to greater accountability of general and limited partners. Yet, more institutional capital is still needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Institutional asset owners, together with their investors, companies, and governments, are those who can shape a more sustainable and equitable future, a reality.

With the new vigour and thought-provoking perspectives from our industry peers, we hope to set a new ambitious decade for impact!


Centred on continuous learning and improvement within the impact investing field, Impact Summit Europe will reflect on the past 10 years of impact investing and will invite the participants to re-evaluate the successes and drawbacks of their impact strategies. For the new decade, investors must stay proactive and agile to address the changing environment to reach ambitious impact goals.

As the search for the most accurate and trustworthy data is ongoing, the challenge for investors is to decide when good, is good enough. Investors must pursue their investment strategies while finding a delicate balance between green-hushing and greenwashing. Data quality should not become a barrier for investors to begin investing with an impact lens. Through engaging attendees in deep-dive discussions surrounding the challenges and opportunities in finding reliable data for impact evaluation, Impact Summit Europe aims to aid investors in making informed decisions when navigating the data landscape.

Finally, the summit will address the vital role of collaboration in addressing complex global challenges. It will emphasize the importance of investors working together effectively and engaging in meaningful discussions with companies, sovereigns, and policymakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore successful coalitions that are actively tackling pressing issues such as plastic pollution and the circular economy.

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